A little about me

I am a computer science MSc student at Ben Gurion University, in the Vision, Inference, and Learning (VIL) group, under the joint supervision of Dr. Oren Freifeld and Dr. Limor Freifeld.

I also work as a Data Scientist Intern at the Education group of Microsoft ILDC.


Microsoft Education: Data Science Intern

Aug 2018 -

Ben-Gurion University:

Mar 19 - 

``Computer Vision: Models, Learning and Inference'' Teaching Assistant graduate-level class in the Computer Science department.


Providing teachers with insights about students’ performance and usage of technological tools via Microsoft products using Machine-learning and Data-analysis methods.

Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Vision, Inference and Learning lab at the Computer Science department, under Dr. Oren Freifeld's supervision.

Undergraduate Research Assistant at Experimental Psychopathology, Dissociation and Relationship Synchronization lab at the Psychology department, under Dr. Gideon Anholt’s supervision.

2016 - 2018

``Introduction to Logic and Set Theory'' private tutor in a university-established program.

Herzeliya Medical Center Hospital: IT Manager

Supervising the implementation and maintenance of the hospital’s computing needs and servers.

Initiated and in charge of an infrastructure virtualization project.

2014 - 2016

``BSMH''/``MAMRAM'' Unit: (Mandatory) military Service

IT manager at the Israel Defense Forces Academy for computers and cyberspace.
I was awarded MAMRAM’s Unit Excellence award for outstanding army service.

2011 - 2013


Giving lectures to middle-school girls with the goal of encouraging them to choose STEM-related majors in high-school.


Mentoring and instructing high-school girls at a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing the numbers of women at the technological fields.

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